Announcing's Flagship VR Application for Hackers and Security Experts Project - Cybertronics

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Announcing's Flagship VR Application for Hackers and Security Experts Project - Cybertronics

Post by admin » Wed Aug 19, 2020 12:16 pm

Dear user,

This is Dancho.

I wanted to take the time and effort and present's flagaship currently active Dark Web crowd-funded VR application for hackers and security experts - Cybertronics - where we're currently busy soliciting funds using BitCoin and PayPal for the purpose of beginning the actual work on the project through the use of several VR application developers who approached us and expressed interest in working with us on this project.

01. What is Project Cybertronics?

Project Cybertronics aims to build and make publicly accessible for free including a possible commercial option one of the World's first and most popular VR social network platform application for hackers and security experts.

Here's the actual Press Release for the project:

"In 2020, we're proudly presenting the World's first and most popular and sophisticated Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Network Platform or Hackers and Security Experts connecting millions of users globally through the launch of an ubiqutous VR-based Social Media platform and the general availability of an ubiqutous XMPP-based VR-based Virtual Keyboard and a sophisticated skills and experience including location-based and aware Virtual Reality experience successfully connecting millions of users globally on a Virtual Reality based landscape empowering everyone with the necessary "know-how" and technical expertise to reach out to fellow colleagues VIP members from the Hacker Community including the Security Industry including the general availability of an ubiqutous cross-platform based Desktop and Mobile Device application issuing "real-time" notifications and updates possibly assisting in the actual improvement of the user's work-flow in both the "real" and Virtual Reality World including actual project and business includin personal and skills and experience based "match-making" and Hacker and Security Community outreach.

The primary purpose of the VR application would be to connect empower and facilitate an ubiqutous "real" World and Virtual World type of sophisticated and novice Hacke and Security Expert experience ultimately connection international Hackers and Security Experts including the actual integration and developoment of never-seen and released-before API-based type of innovative services and products ultimately built on the top of the VR-based Social Media Platform.

Key Examples include:

- Built-in Ethical Penetration Testing API for research and testing purposes
- Built-in API-based Honeypot deployment further assisting the Security Industry through the ease of deployment
- Never-seen before Cluster of Activity Targeting Intelligence Analysts and Members of the U.S Intelligence Community through the general availability of an offensive and defensive Cyber Warfare Platform functionality allowing the successful Training including the development of actual Wargames Scenario type of offensive and defensive Cyber Warfare Cluster-based activity"

We're currently targeting users in the following categories:
      Independent Security Researchers
        Penetration Testers
          Hacker Groups
              Free Speech Writers
                Privacy Advocates
                  Censorship Researchers
                    Exploit Writers
                      Malicious Software Debuggers
                          Political Activists
                            Security Bloggers
                              Cybercrime Researchers
                                Malware Researchers
                                  OSINT Analysts
                                    Intelligence Analysts

                                    02. Who's behind it?
                                    The project is led by the primary Project Operator of the recently re-launched project - Dancho Danchev - the World's leading expert in the field of cybercrime research and threat intelligence gathering who's currently running a high-profile project on the original circa 1994 which is basically one of the World's most popular and high-traffic visited Web site for hackers and security experts since 1994 including a crowd-sourced group of VR application developers who expressed interest in working with us for the purpose of this project.

                                    03. What much money are we willing to raise?
                                    We're currently soliciting any amount of BitCoin and PayPal donations which would allow us to launch the project and actually pay for the VR application development in terms of sharing the money with the VR application developers who would actually begin to work on the project as soon as possible. The primary BitCoin donation address is 15yeV2ZKikdc4ft7J1M8TKMKoKMJjHMkjp and the primary PayPal donation ID for this project is

                                    04. What exactly are we going to use the funds for?
                                    Any donated amount for the purpose of this project will be used to pay for the VR application developers in terms of beginning to work on the project and to actually help implement it and actually introduce new features in terms of the VR application development.

                                    05. Can you please share the technical specifications?
                                    The current technical specifications can be freely accessed using the actual crowd-funding Dark Web Onion - http://lkzihepprlhxtvbutjedoazbsqd4avmi ... jwad.onion where you can find the actual technical specifications for the project including the actual BitCoin donation address which is 15yeV2ZKikdc4ft7J1M8TKMKoKMJjHMkjp

                                    06. What are some of the currently active crowd-funding donation options available?
                                    We're currently accepting BitCoin donations using address - 15yeV2ZKikdc4ft7J1M8TKMKoKMJjHMkjp including PayPal using PayPal ID:

                                    We're currently looking forward to working with you in terms of soliciting your donations including possibly operational and actual funding support for the purpose of this project and actually bringing it to life.

                                    Stay tuned!
                                    Dancho Danchev
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