Welcome to Box.sk - The Future of Hacking and Security - Re-Defined!

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Welcome to Box.sk - The Future of Hacking and Security - Re-Defined!

Post by admin » Sun Jan 05, 2020 5:05 pm

Dear Box.sk user,

This is Dancho Danchev (https://ddanchev.blogspot.com) plugging myself directly from an unknown location to further present the World's largest and most vibrant Hacking and Security Community currently running on Box.sk's server network part of the infamous Astalavista.box.sk franchise - the World's most popular hacking and security search engine for anything security related to further elaborate more on the primary reason behind launching and contributing to the Box.sk's mission and vision in terms of presenting the World's most popular Hacking and Cyber Security forum community to millions of loyal users across the globe. Are you on Medium - https://medium.com/@danchodanchev? Did you check out my recently launched E-shop for Cyber Threat Intelligence Deliverabvles - https://unit-123.org? Are you on Twitter - https://twitter.com/dancho_danchev and LinkedIn - https://linkedin.com/in/danchodanchev?

Sticking to the original mission of Astalavista.box.sk and Box.sk's Network to information train and educate I've decided to launch this extremely popular and relevant Hacking and Cyber Security forum community with the idea to empower millions of loyal users with a modern and market and Scene-relevant communication and knowledge-exchange platform further improving the necessary communication in today's modern Web 2.0 based environment potentially "taking you back" as to where we were in 1994 this time even better - including the launch of a flagship Hacking and Security E-Zine launch called "Kings of Wisdom" and the flagship community-based - Virtual Reality Social Network for Hackers and Security Experts called Cybertronics.

Consider visiting the following Dark Web Onion - http://lkzihepprlhxtvbutjedoazbsqd4avmi ... d.onion.ws to check out the Project Status and the Technical Specifications including the Project Details.

How you can help:
- VIP Members - are you currently running a high-profile and important Security and Hacking project and want to join the forum? Drop me a line and make a quick introduction and I'll quickly get back to you and offer you VIP status and possible forum Moderator status
- Link back
- Embed a banner on your Web Site
- Share this post on Social Media
- Reach out to all of your friends - we're back!

We're hiring:
- Translators - we're currently seeking Forum and Content translation contributions from anyone interested in helping us localize the forum to their native language for instance Chinese Persian or Russian
- Unity GUI and Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Developer - we're currently seeking a Unity Virtual Reality and Augmented reality developer or a group of developers to help us build run manage and operate the Cybertronics - VR for Hackers and Security Experts Social Network Platform
- Psychedelic/Full-on/Psytrance/Goa Trance DJs - we're currently looking to work with high-profile and important DJs in the Psychedelic Trance Scene for the purpose of maintaining and operating a 24/7 live Psychedelic Trance Online Radio including Live DJ Shows
- Graphic Designers
- Forum Moderators
- "Kings of Wisdom" flagship Hacking and Security E-zine contributors with articles guides and tutorials including PoC (Proof of Concept Code)
- Hacking and Security E-book writers and contributors where we can work collectively and produce and actually print and release a high-profile Hacking and Security Books

Welcome on board!
Dancho Danchev
Administrator - https://astalavista.box.sk
Forum Administrator - https://box.sk/phpBB3
Wordpress - https://box.sk/wordpress
Email: dancho.danchev@hush.com
Jabber/XMPP/OMEMO: ddanchev@xmpp.jp

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Re: Welcome to Box.sk - The Future of Hacking and Security - Re-Defined!

Post by hacxx » Thu Mar 05, 2020 11:36 am

Cool i will continue with my strategy...

You are categorizing a lot of areas and i don't see members for all of them

Keep the good work

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Re: Welcome to Box.sk - The Future of Hacking and Security - Re-Defined!

Post by cracker » Mon Mar 23, 2020 4:08 pm

Great Dancho
keep going

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Re: Welcome to Box.sk - The Future of Hacking and Security - Re-Defined!

Post by heretic » Mon Apr 13, 2020 1:44 pm

Looks like this place needs more publicity :-)

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Re: Welcome to Box.sk - The Future of Hacking and Security - Re-Defined!

Post by Denny » Thu Aug 20, 2020 3:44 pm

great work bro, I'll be arround to watch it grow. D

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